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Outdoor SPAs by Stark House - Luxury and Comfort

Stark House is a company with an innovative approach to design and aesthetics. Our products are meticulously crafted and created for the most demanding clients. The uniqueness of our products is accentuated by the combination of timeless materials: wood, aluminum, and steel.

The Outdoor SPA seamlessly blends these three elements in an elegant and skillful way. With a wooden structure, sauna, and hot tub, metal elements for the bar, and aluminum accessories, relaxation in your own SPA on your property becomes extraordinary.

Relaxation for You and Your Loved Ones A hot sauna, a cold shower, a night in the tub under the starry sky, and the crisp frost create moments of relaxation for yourself, with family, and friends, whenever you desire.

Outdoor SPA

High-Quality Construction

Refined in every detail

The Outdoor SPA is a thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted structure. The sauna walls are covered with aromatic spruce wood, while the benches and floor are lined with alder wood. An electric heater provides the necessary heat for the sauna. Proper lighting creates a unique atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Next to the sauna, there is a place to take a warm or cold shower, along with a sink with cabinets for towels and bathrobes.

Unique Atmosphere in the Outdoor SPA

The open part is lined with spruce wood on the walls and ceiling, and the floor is covered with larch. The illuminated bar creates a wonderful atmosphere, allowing you to relax in the privacy of your own garden with your closest companions. The option to install a TV or projector allows you to watch your favorite shows or sports events.

On chilly evenings, the steam rising above the hot water in the wooden tub with added essential oils allows you to relax after the most demanding workday. In the background, your favorite music or the excitement of a sports game on the screen – what more could you dream of?

Ogrodowe SPA - przydomowa strefa komfortu

Wyposażenie premium – otrzymujesz od nas nie tylko podstawową konstrukcję SPA, ale też wyposażenie w wersji podstawowej lub rozszerzonej.

Ogrodowe SPA ma rozwiązania, które sprzyjają wypoczynkowi na świeżym powietrzu, a zarazem chronią przed bezpośrednim oddziaływaniem czynników atmosferycznych.

Najwyższa jakość zabudowy sprawia, że Ogrodowe SPA idealnie wpisuje się w koncepcję Twojego ogrodu, pasuje zarówno do aranżacji roślinnej, jak i domu i pozostałych elementów architektonicznych.

Luxury within your reach!

What Sets Our Outdoor SPAs Apart?

towel and bathrobe set along with essential oil sets,
electric heater,
set of bar stools,
hanging shelf,
refrigerator for cold drinks,
set of mugs and cups for tea and coffee,
set of wine glasses,
set of glasses,
gift set from Stark House
paddle for stirring water,
benches for seating,
wooden cover for the tub,
drink holder,
internal wood-burning stove (electric option)
Optional Additions to the Outdoor SPA:
cold bathhouse,
wooden or stone bathtub or jacuzzi,
exotic wood for the sauna and terrace,
composite terrace board
additional terrace in front of the SPA,
oak or resin-coated wooden table,
metal bar stools,
wooden garden furniture,
aluminum garden furniture,
screen for the projector,
Front glazing,
sauna and tub can be electric or wood-heated.


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